• Oded Davidoff

    Through the streets of Jerusalem, two teenagers' stories will unite to tell the summer adventure of their lives.

    Tamar is an amazingly talented but very quiet and insecure girl, who leaves behind her home and all she knows, changing herself unrecognizably--from her looks to her attitude--to brace herself for a dangerous mission to help a loved one.

    Asaf, a clumsy, naive, and very shy boy working a boring summer job at City Hall, is given quite a mission himself: to take an uncontrollable stray dog from the pound, put it on a leash, and let it lead him back to its owners to be fined. The dog, Dinkah, leads Asaf through the city to the people and places that will tell him about Dinka's owner--Tamar--and her sudden disappearance. The more stories Asaf hears about this extraordinary girl, the more he falls for her, and as he and Dinkah continue their journey Asaf becomes aware that Tamar is in grave danger. Feeling as if he knows her, and knowing he loves her, Asaf is determined to find Tamar and rescue her from her own rescue mission.

    See more about Someone to Run With at the Israel Film Center.

    Starring: Bar Belfer, Yonatan Bar-Or, Yuval Mendelson, Rinat Matatov, Tzahi Grad, Danny Steg, Neomi Polani, Rami Davidoff, Smadar Jaaron
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