• Gilad Goldschmidt

    Set in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, "A Green Chariot" is a drama about identity, belonging and romance. Yair (Vitali Freedland), a twenty-year-old Russian immigrant, yearns for acceptance as an Israeli, so he disconnects himself from his father and his secular Russian friends, finds a modern Orthodox girlfriend, and joins a religious/nationalist youth movement, Bnei Akiva. But on the eve of his wedding to Dafna (Daniela Wirzer), his world is upended and his new life is jeopardized. Rummaging through a package sent by his aunt, Yair, known in Russian as Sasha, discovers a crucifix. His father assures him that his late mother was thoroughly Jewish, but admits that his maternal grandmother was a Christian. For Yair, who has adopted Orthodoxy and is engaged to be married to an Orthodox woman, the revelation could unravel everything. 

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    Starring: Vitali Freedland, Daniela Virtzer, Pavel Tsitrinal, Lucy Dubinchik
  • Leonid Prudovsky

    Yigal is a divorced taxi driver who remains in close contact with his ex-wife and her new husband, in order to be close to his son. His personal dream is to visit Paris, but he is terrified of flying--even though it's only a five hour flight from Tel Aviv. Picking up his son from afternoon choir practice, Yigal slowly and tentatively becomes emotionally involved with his son's music teacher, an immigrant from Russia. At first glance, the two seem to be from different worlds - while Yigal is an uneducated taxi driver, the music teacher is worldly and educated. Nonetheless, they enjoy spending time together and a gentle and sweet relationship develops between the two opposites, which begins to grow more and more complex...

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    Starring: Helena Yaralova, Dror Keren, Michael Warchaviak, Yoram Toledano, Vladimir Freidman, Dorit Lev-Ari
  • Pini Tavger

    Pinhas and his mother are new immigrants from Russia. His mother barely makes a living working night shifts and devotes her spare time to an affair she has with a married man. On the third floor of their building lives a religious family. Pinhas is drawn to the warmth and unity that characterize them and meets a girl his age, and her older brother, who slowly introduces him to religion.

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    Starring: Evgenya Dodina, Anthony Berman, Yonatan Rozen, Michael Coresh
  • Amir Hasfari, Shmuel Hasfari

    Miriam is heartbroken because she cannot bury her husband, who committed suicide, in the cemetery of the moshav her family founded. Ana, who has traveled from Russia to bury her father’s ashes in the same cemetery, also runs into roadblocks, and, to her surprise, falls in love. Despite a number of ingenious attempts, the efforts of the two women are thwarted at every turn. Can they succeed against the cemetary politics? This bittersweet comedy leaves a warm, haunting feeling that continues on after the film ends.

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    Starring: Miryam Zohar, Tal Friedman, Yehuda Levi, Assaf Ashtar, Hana Azoulay Ashtar, Ania Bukstein, Sharon Elimelech, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Katorza, Amos Lavi, Dov Navon, Yamit Sol
  • Felix Gerchikov

    Slava and his friends, a group of young Russian immigrants, are out of place, frustrated and alone in the harsh setting of a small desert town in Southern Israel. Victor, an older immigrant who used to be a soccer coach, suggests they set up a soccer team to compete in the local tournament. The soccer field becomes their home away from home, the place where they can be themselves, and where they can prove their worth: to themselves, to each other, and most importantly – to the new world in which they find themselves.

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    Starring: Daniel Bruck, Arthur Marchenko, Vitaly Fridland, Niko Nikoleiv, Yigal Reznik, Vladimir Freidman, Sirk M. Sabhat, Anna Stefan
  • Renen Schorr

    When two loner Russian soldiers are caught smuggling arms and arrested, they do not want to lose their honor as soldiers. Despite being accused of a crime that is unforgivable in military society, they want to hold onto their dignity and to go through an honorable military trial. The military is not at all concerned with their wishes, and pushes to get them tried as civilians. Bluchin and Glory, the soldiers, are forced into a civilian prison--and decide to retaliate.

    This human drama, in Russian and Hebrew, is based on events that took place in a military prison in northern Israel in 1997, and shows what lengths people will go in desperation.

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    Starring: Sasha Avshalom Agrounov, Shlomi Avraham, Henry David, Tzahi Grad, Anton Ostrovsky, Rotem Zussman
  • Arik Kaplun

    This charming, entertaining film, full of warm humor and sentiment, swept the recent Israeli Awards in almost every category. Three parallel sories of love unfold in Israel during the Gulf War with Iraq, as the people retreat into thier homes and shelters to avoid the  lethal scud attacks. Yana, a Russian immigrant abandoned by her husband, is pregnant and in debt, but when she moves into a flat with wedding photographer Eli and the two are forced into a sealed room from the fear of chemical weapons, sparks fly. At the same time, formal and businesslike Rosa finds love, while Alik and his wife learn the meaning of loving commitment and transform each other into better people.

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    Starring: Evelyne Kaplun, Nir Levy, Shmil Ben Ari, Mosko Alkalay, Dalia Friedland, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Damidov, Lana Sachanova, Jenya Fleisher, Evyatar Lazar, Lucy Dubinchik, Valentin Nikulin, Aleksandr Stanilov
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