• Dina Tzvi-Riklis
    Based on the novel by Rachel Eytan. Summer 1944. 13 year old Maya is placed in a foster home. The director of the home falls in love with her, as Maya reminds him of a tortured love affair from his...
    Starring: Amit Moshkovitz, Yehezkel Lazarov, Alena Yiv, Aki Avni, Rotem Zissman-Cohen.
  • Lucia Puenzo
    The true story of an Argentine family who lived with Josef Mengele without knowing his true identity, and of a girl who fell in love with one of the biggest criminals of all time.
    Starring: Alex Brendemuhl, Natalia Oreiro, Diego Peretti, Elena Roger, Guillermo Pfenig
  • Sandy Dickson & Churchill Roberts
    By age 14, he had written five novels and penned a diary about the Nazi occupation of Prague. By 16, he had produced 170 drawings and paintings, edited an underground magazine in the Jewish ghetto,...
    Starring: Chava Pressburger, Yehudit Shendar
  • Matti Harari, Arik Lubezky
    Danny Breznitz, in his late forties, is a detective in the Tel Aviv Police, and is hospitalized following a near-fatal car accident. His personal life is a mess: his marriage with his wife, Ruthie,...
    Starring: Shmil Ben Ari, Orel Timsit, Ruthi Navon, Haim Znati, Zion Baroch
  • Michel Leclerc
    The film is semi-biographical, documenting the life of a young woman who uses sex as a weapon to influence right-wing individuals and conservative Muslims. Baya Benmahmoud, a scatter-brained, free-...
    Starring: Jacques Gamblin, Sara Forestier, Zinedine Soualem, Carole Franck, Jacques Boudet, Michèle Moretti
  • Dina Zvi-Riklis
    A modern-day urban fairy tale about a 300 year old witch (Rozina Cambos) with a broken heart, and Assaf (Eyal Cohen), a boy who lives in the same apartment block in the heart of 1980's Tel Aviv....
    Starring: Eyal Cohen, Rosina Kambus, Benny Avni, Lupo Berkowitch, Sagit Emet
  • Ronit Kertsner
    Can one be a Catholic priest and an Observant Jew at the same time?12 years after he was ordained as a Polish Catholic priest, Romuald Waszkinel discovers that he was born to Jewish parents, and that...
  • Emanuel Rosen & Tali Rosen
    Stories of young Muslim Israeli women stuck between two cultures, unable to belong to the community and tradition in which they were raised, nor to Israeli Jewish society.
  • Renana Kol
    Humans, wherever they are, are born into an endless competition with each other, and each age has its own goals. A colorful allegory to the well-known children’s game of musical chairs, where you...
  • Ofer Naim
    A true fairy tale about a beautiful and extremely talented 12 year old child wonder. One of many children in a poor family, Hannah Aharoni started performing in clubs as the State of Israel came into...
    Starring: Hannah Aharoni
  • Ofer Naim
    A captivating, hour-long documentary that delves into the ancient city of Jerusalem, Israel. It explores the history and powerful presence of this holy city, and what Jerusalem means to individuals...
    Starring: Yehoram Gaon
  • Daphna Mero
    A female laundry worker desperately attempts to abort the fruit of a violent encounter. When the consequences of her action are revealed, the memories she has repressed re-emerge. To arrange a public...
    Starring: Shelly Lautman, Moshe Shechter-Avshalom, Daniel Brusovani, Ofer Amram, Ronit Hadad
  • Alan Zweig
    Insightful and often hilarious, the latest from documentary filmmaker Alan Zweig surveys the history of Jewish comedy, from the early days of Borsht belt to the present, ultimately exploring not just...
    Starring: David Brenner, Howie Mandel, Eugene Mirman, Rodney Dangerfield, Judy Gold
  • Arik Kaplun
    This charming, entertaining film, full of warm humor and sentiment, swept the recent Israeli Awards in almost every category. Three parallel sories of love unfold in Israel during the Gulf War with...
    Starring: Evelyne Kaplun, Nir Levy, Shmil Ben Ari, Mosko Alkalay, Dalia Friedland, Vladimir Friedman, Israel Damidov, Lana Sachanova, Jenya Fleisher, Evyatar Lazar, Lucy Dubinchik, Valentin Nikulin, Aleksandr Stanilov
  • Mohammad Bakri
    With touching personal style and breathtaking cinematography, Director Mohammad Bakri tells the story of his 78 year old aunt Zahara, from the times of pre-state Palestine to present, leading the...
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