• Production: Mozer Films; Israel Broadcasting Authority - Channel 1
  • Distributed By: JMT Films Distribution
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic with English Subtitles

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There Must Be Another Way

DocumentaryOther | 2009 | 68 min.
Directed by: Yariv Mozer

The Israeli representatives at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest are Noa, who is considered one of the most famous Israeli singers in the world today, and Mira Awad, an Arab-Israeli singer. But their partnership sparks controversy given the timing: soon after Israel's Gaza operation. After performing in front of the pope, Noa has no need for the Eurovision contest, and instead is using the opportunity to make a political statement, by singing side by side with Mira. Despite resistance and backlash, the two unite on shared humanitarian goals.

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