• Production: Topia Communications United King Films Arte France CinĂ©ma (co-production) Crescendo Films (co-production) 13 Production (co-production) Channel 10 (support) Hed Arzi Publishing (support) Rabinovich Film Fund Cinema Project (support)
  • Starring: Yon Tumarkin, Roy Nik, Henry David, Lavi Zitner, Yoram Ishay.
  • Written By: Guy Meirson, Yariv Horowitz.
  • Distributed By: United King Films, Shellac Distribution
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Rock the Casbah

Narrative | 2012 | 93 min.
Directed by: Yariv Horowitz

1989. The first Intifada. 18-year-old Tomer, a soldier stationed in Gaza, is sent to avenge the death of his fellow soldier and comes to some realizations about the political and existential situation.

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