• Written By: Danielle Schwartz
  • Distributed By: Danielle Schwartz
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Mirror Image

DocumentaryShortOther | 2013 | 11 min.
Directed by: Danielle Schwartz

In a pastoral house on the Israeli countryside live my grandfather, my grandmother, and a big crystal mirror that was taken from a Palestinian house during the Nakba - the depopulation of hundreds of thousand of Palestinians during and after the establishment of the state of Israel in the 1948 war. The story of the mirror is not a secret, but it remains untold. Why is it that we - Jewish Israelis - cannot address the mirror and others remnants of the Nakba, even when they are placed in the center of our lives? In this short conversation, my grandparents and I negotiate the ways to tell the untold, staging an allegory for the position the Nakba takes in the realities of Israeli Jews.

Critical Acclaim

*Won: DOC NYC: Shorts Competition

*Won: Jerusalem Film Festival: Van Leer Group Foundation Award

*Nominated: Warsaw International Film Festival: Short Grand Prix

*Official Selection: Other Israel Film Festival 2014

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