• Production: Ilanit Frack
  • Starring: Moris Cohen, Rotem Cohen-Zisman
  • Written By: Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun
  • Distributed By: Divine Productions
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: English

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Lost Paradise

Short | 2009 | 10 min.
Directed by: Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun

And they were both naked, the man and the woman, and were not ashamed - Book of Genesis 2:25

A modern-day Adam and Eve story that explores what happens during the moment of intimacy--and what gets lost after it ends. 

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Critical Acclaim

Poetic and emotional, the idea is well developed and the film carries the public into a universal mood and in a context which well represents the world we live in. - Jury of the Cinema Corto In bra Film Festival

The Judges mark the high quality of the film for his visual and symbolic depth, which is enriched in metaphors and charged refrences to literary artisitic sources. With great skill, and concise brushstrokes, the film manages to portray a personal political drama, which is at once contemporary and timeless. - Jury of the Jerusalem International Film Festival

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