• Production: Israel Film Fund Mordecai Slonim Productions
  • Starring: Gila Almagro, Eli Cohen, Nathan Dater, Yossi Graber.
  • Written By: Eli Cohen
  • Distributed By: Israel Film Fund, Mordecai Slonim Productions.
  • Country: Israel
  • Language: Hebrew

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Hora 79

Narrative | 2013 | 92 min.
Directed by: Eli Cohen

A comedy about dance and growing older. Thirty five years ago, Israel's mythological folk dance troupe "Hora '79″ ceased its activity following a traumatic event, and the dancers went their separate ways. Now, after several decades, the Carmiel Dance Festival initiates a one-time event - a tribute to the legendary dance troupe. Upon receiving this surprising invitation, the troupe decides to reunite. Will they succeed in overcoming the dark shadows of the past, the old rivalries and conflicts, and the betrayals of an aging body? Will they enjoy a moment of grace, returning, if only for a moment, to their lost youth?


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