• Production: Director: Hagai Levi Associate Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel Producers: Liran Atzmor and Hagai Levi Produced with the help of: Gum Films- Aurit Zamir and Yoav Roeh Screenplay: Hagai Levi, Noam Kaplan, Michal Vinik, Michal Weiss, Shachar Magen. Cinematographer: Shark De Mayo Editor: Tali Halter Shenkar Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema
  • Starring: Yehuda Almagor, Neta shpigelman, Itay Barnea, Hava Ortman
  • Written By: Hagai Levi, Noam Kaplan, Michal Vinik, Michal Weiss, Shachar Magen
  • Distributed By: Go2Films
  • Language: Hebrew w/ English subtitles

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The Accursed (Episode 5: Epilogue)

NarrativeDocumentary | 2014 | 60 min.
Directed by: Hagai Levi

Created by Hagai Levi, 60 min, Narrative (2014)


In the fifth episode of The Accursed, eighteen-year-old Emanuel Levi, a film student and the son of the series’ creator Hagai Levi investigates the unique format of the series and the motivation behind it. With the help of rare archival footage, he attempts to figure out why his father chose now, of all times, to return to these individuals, and what their message is in the present age. He examines where the need for this unconventional style of documentary came from, with its unusual combination of reenactments and the documentarist’s personal biography. More generally, he investigates what about this series is real and what is fiction.

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